Welcome to the virtual museum of the educational institution “Pavlodar College of Technical Service”!

On all pages of our virtual museum from the first to the last, the history of the development of the school, which later became a college, is told.
More than seven decades have passed since the formation of the college, the history of which is associated with the fate of many generations of its employees and students. In the historical dimension, this is just one moment, and in the life of one individual person – all his fate.
Many of the names and surnames of employees are inscribed in the history of our school in truly golden letters. These are the people who stood at the origins of our college.
We will talk about these, sometimes extraordinarily amazing fates of our employees, from the director, his deputies, teachers, masters of industrial training, including all technical personnel, about the stages of a difficult path of formation and development on the pages of our museum.

And also in our museum the creative works of students in welding are presented.

Virtual museum