Psychological service

Psychological service
Objectives: Ensuring the socio-psychological conditions most favorable for the personal development of students throughout the entire period of study in an educational institution. Providing students with the necessary social and legal information.
Contributing to the preservation of the psychological support of an individually-differentiated approach in the educational process.
Promoting the creation of a favorable socio-psychological climate in the team of the educational institution.
Providing comprehensive socio-psychological support to all subjects of the educational process.

Socio-psychological support of the educational process.
Psychological support of the social and personal development of students in the process of educational and professional activities.
The formation of students’ ability to self-knowledge, self-regulation, self-education, self-development.
Providing social support through individual and group assistance.
Participation in the development of a system of measures aimed at preventing violations in student behavior.
Social and psychological counseling for all participants in the educational process.

Psychological, social, material support for students
Social and psychological counseling
Psychological diagnosis
Social and psychological prevention
Socio-psychological correction
Social Psychological Education

How to find friends

How to prepare for exams

Psychologist to students

The basic rules of friendly communication

   Know – it will be very difficult to change the first impression of you and the second opportunity to make
the first impression will not be presented!
   As we say and what is very important!
   Humanity is the ability to participate in the fate of other people!
   The most terrible three vices that embody the meanest and worst of our actions,
are: ingratitude, envy and gloating!


1 – Do not assume that everything is around genius and only your answer will be stupid
2 – Do not be afraid to ask a question or clarify something.
3 – Listen, observe, draw conclusions.
4 – First try to refrain from harsh judgments
5 – The new team – the opportunity to avoid previous mistakes
6 – Take a closer look at what’s happening around
7 – Keep it simple
8 – Do not “drop” yourself. Strive for results
9 – Do not behave as if you are doing everything around you a favor with your presence: this is unlikely
will help to make new friends
10 – Make More Friends