Social partners

In the Pavlodar College of Technical Service KGKP, the training of workers is carried out in the following specialties: 1. Turning and metalworking (qualification-General machine tool); 2. Welding (electric gas welder); 3. Maintenance, repair and operation of motor vehicles. (Car repairman). For many years, the college has been working with the basic enterprises: – Pavlodar boiler plant LLP – Pavlodar metal construction plant LLP. Imstalkon – Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC – GSU Kurylys LLP – Tool Plant LLP (Format Kompani) – Hydroprivod LLP – Svarko PZSO – NOKO LLP – Taximot TF LLP – Kamkor-Avto LLP – LLP “Technopark” – LLP “Gorkomkhoz-Pavlodar” and other enterprises of the city and region. The main goal of our college’s cooperation with social partners is to facilitate the training of qualified specialists who are able to adapt to the current and tomorrow’s requirements of a market economy. Agreements on joint activities and cooperation have been concluded with all enterprises. On the basis of the contract, the company provides students – trainees with jobs, for practical training, assigns experienced mentors to them, who help children in developing professional skills. Upon entering practice, contracts are concluded with each trainee; By order of the company, mentors from among experienced and highly qualified workers are fixed, studies and training on labor protection and safety are organized, good living conditions are created at workplaces, the rules of the internal labor schedule of the enterprise are maintained and observed. Specialists of the enterprise Gorkomkhoz-Pavlodar LLP, Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC, TF Taxotom LLP, Polikrom PV LLP were involved in the work of the commission for the final certification of students, which allows the company to select the best qualified personnel for itself. Every year, teachers and masters of industrial training undergo internships at enterprises. In 2014-2015, three masters of industrial training passed an internship, at Polikrom-PV LLP (Alshinbaeva B.E., Baybulova A.M.), Technopark LLP (Abilova N.O.)

Pavlodar Boiler Plant LLP

Students of the SV-31 group Nikiforov M, Bekbauov D, Kurochkin A undergo practical training at Pavlodar boiler plant LLP

SUCCESS LLP Concrete products plant

Student of the SV-31 group Kabidenov Didar on industrial practice at SUCCESS LLP

LLP “Taximotor”

AC-33 group on production practice in Taxotom LLP

Pavlodar plant of electrical products “EMR”

Before the start of the workshop, the head of the workshop, V.I. Panov, conducts a safety training with Konarev A, Karpushev E, Ryspek G