KGP ON PVC “Pavlodar College of Technical Service”

for 2017 – 2021

Considered at the pedagogical council

Minutes No. 1 dated 08/31/2017

The mission of the college: “Training of highly qualified and competitive specialists, corresponding to the needs of the labor market and the tasks of industrial and innovative development of the country, the priority areas of development of the industrial complex, providing continuous updating and organic adaptation of the system of technical and vocational education to the changing socio-economic conditions of the region.”

Strategic goals of the Pavlodar Technical Service College:

  • training highly qualified specialists for the domestic market, expanding partnerships with organizations;
  • the formation of a system of continuing professional education;
  • ensuring the sustainable functioning and development of the training system for TVE specialists of various profiles;
  • ensuring the further development of a quality education management system;
  • comprehensive development of a health-saving educational space in order to maintain and strengthen the health of all subjects of the educational process of the college;
  • expansion of the system of social partnership and, as a result, the contract-targeted form of training (implementation of the dual training system);
  • meeting the demands of employers and consumers of educational services in the quality and content of training in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, studying the needs of the labor market in order to identify possible areas of training, opening new specialties.


  • the provision of quality education services;
  • formation of a team with a high level of professional competence and culture;
  • create the necessary conditions for the successful work of teachers and students in accordance with the SCES of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • to qualitatively improve the staffing of the educational process by improving and developing the system of advanced training of teachers;
  • Satisfying the requests of employers and consumers of educational services in the quality and content of training.

Achieving the strategic goal of college development is ensured

by solving a set of strategic tasks:

  • modernization of the educational process;
  • modernization and increasing the effectiveness of practical training;
  • development of human resources;
  • strengthening the material and technical base;
  • expansion of social partnership;
  • improvement of the management system.
No. pactivityDeadlinesResponsible
1Implementation of the requirements for the structure of basic professional educational programs, providing for both the disciplines of the general humanitarian and socio-economic, professional and professional cycles , as well as professional modules, including interdisciplinary courses, training and industrial practiceconstantlyHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist, heads of CMK
2Holding methodological seminars, meetings, scientific and methodological conferences, “round tables”, subject weeks with the participation of subjects of the educational processaccording to the plan of CMKDeputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist
3Providing optimal conditions for the formation and self-realization of the personality of a future competitive specialist with a high culture, civic responsibility, capable of professional, intellectual and social creativityconstantlyHead of the college, deputy OIA Manager, Parent Committee, Board of Trustees, Psychologist
4Ensuring the interaction of members of the teaching staff on the implementation of the basic regulatory documents of educational authorities on the problems of education, training and personal developmentconstantlyHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , OIA, UR
5Formation of curricula and programs for professions with the participation of employers on the basis of general and professional competenciesannuallyDeputy Head of R&D , SD, CMC managers, methodologist, teachers
6The use of active and interactive forms of conducting classes in the educational process (the method of studying specific situations from practice, imitation of labor activity, problem-based learning, the method of projects, role-playing and business games, a training experiment, etc.)constantlyDeputy Head of R&D , SD, CMK managers, methodologist
7Development of individual and joint creative projects within the framework of cyclic methodological commissions and their protectionannuallyHeads of CMK, methodologist
8Implementation of course training and retraining of teachers in the PKI PKaccording to the course scheduleDeputy Head of R&D , OIA, SD, methodologist
9Modernization of the scientific-methodological and educational-methodical base (creation of educational-methodical complexes, manuals, electronic courses of lectures, electronic textbooks, multimedia programs, presentations)during a yearDeputy Head of OIA, SD, Methodologist
10Expansion of relations with “Orleu”, ” K Usіpkor”, universities, pedagogical colleges and other educational institutionsduring a yearDeputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist, heads of CMK
elevenStudying and summarizing the best practices of engineering and teaching staffduring a yearDeputy Head of R&D , OIA, SD, methodologist
12Organization and conduct of subject weeks, assistance in organizing subject Olympiads, preparation and conduct of collective creative affairs of cognitive orientation, advisory assistance to poorly performing studentsmonthlyDeputy Head of SD, UVR, Methodologist, Council of Commanders
thirteenFormation of the scientific community of students (conducting research, organizing research conferences)according to planDeputy Head of SD, methodologist, head of the Central Committee for General Disciplines
14Posting articles, news on the college website, conducting surveys of students and parentsconstantlyDeputy Head for OIA, Council of Commanders, Methodologist, Psychologist
fifteenThe organization and holding of sports holidays, the “Small Olympic Games”, “Health Day”, the preparation of national teams to participate in city and regional competitionsaccording to the plan of the RCSCDeputy Head of SD, UVR, physical education teachers
sixteenOrganization and holding of contests ” Best in Profession” in all college specialtiesaccording to the competition planDeputy Head of UPR , senior foreman, head of the Central Committee for Special Disciplines
17Introducing students to universal values, national principles and academic traditions, educating them in the spirit of professional honor and ethicsconstantlyDeputy Head of R&D , OIA, SD, psychologist, group masters, class teachers
eighteenThe passage by engineering and teaching staff of courses on the development of modern information technologies and the use of resources of the Internet information networkduring a yearDeputy Head of SD, Methodologist
nineteenCreation of a bank of program and methodological materials, multimedia programs, textbook manuals for organizing effective work on the implementation of information technologies2017-2019Deputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist, computer science teachers
twentyStrengthening the college’s material base with computer, interactive and multimedia equipment to ensure the educational process2017-2019College head
21Continued updates to the computer park and software2017-2020ggCollege head
22The introduction of trilingualism in the educational process2018-2021Head of the college, deputy Head of R&D , OIA, SD, training
23Replenishment of the library fund with educational-methodical and periodicals in the state languageconstantlyHead of the college, deputy Head of AChH, librarian
24Continuation of targeted admission of students to groups with instruction in the state languageannuallyHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , OIA, SD, training
1Monitoring staffing in accordance with regional needsconstantlyDeputy Head of the UPR , senior master
2Providing college students with educational materials during the organization of the educational process and practical trainingconstantlySenior master, the master n / a
3Providing through the NOC regional center an independent assessment of professional readiness, confirmation and assignment of qualificationsannuallyDeputy Head of the UPR , senior master
4Conducting short-term training and retraining of the unemployedEmployment CenterDeputy Head of the UPR
5Participation in the development of new basic professional educational programs, curricula in accordance with the SES TVE new generationannuallyDeputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist
6Obtaining a license for the qualifications “technician”, “technician-mechanic”, training period of 3 years 10 months in the specialties “Maintenance, repair and operation of road transport”, “Welding”, “Turning and metalworking”2018-2019Head of the college, deputy Head of UPR , UR
7Ensuring the transition of the educational process to the dual and modular training system2018-2021ggHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , SD, Senior Master, heads of the CMC, teachers of special disciplines
8Participation in “Job Fairs” for college graduatesannuallyHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , SD, Senior Master, heads of the CMC, teachers of special disciplines
9Monitoring graduate employmentannuallyDeputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist
10Improving the content and organization of the educational process aimed at creating a continuous practice-oriented educational environment.constantlyHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , UR, OIA
1Qualitative improvement of the staffing of the educational process by improving and developing the system of advanced training for teachers and managers, methodologists, administrative staff of the college in various formsconstantlyHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , UR, OIA
2Providing continuing education for teachers in terms of technologies for the formation and assessment of general, professional competencies and work on interdisciplinary courses in generalannuallyDeputy Head of SD, Methodologist
3Organization of courses, seminars for teacher training in computer technology, the creation of multimedia and electronic textbooks and teaching aidsconstantlyDeputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist
4Increasing the level of advanced training of the IPC, including the highest and first categories, up to 50%annuallyHead of the college, deputy Head of R&D , UR, OIA, methodologist
1Overhaul of college water supply and sewage pipelines2017-2020ggHead of college, supply manager
2An internal capital remontaaktovogo hall, the main entrance to the college.2019-2021Head of college, supply manager
3Installation of PVC windows in classrooms2018 – 2021 gHead of college, supply manager
4Installation of a sound alert in case of fire hazard2018College head
5College ImprovementannuallyHead manager, senior master
6Overhaul of the roof of the sports and assembly halls2018-2019College head
7Replacing obsolete equipmentannuallyCollege Leader, Senior Master
8Equipping classrooms with new furniture, interactive and multimedia equipmentconstantlyThe head of the college, the heads of academic . cabinets
9The purchase for dining college an additional set of dishes for 100 people, a refrigerator, an electric stove2017-2020ggHead of college, supply manager
10Conducting ongoing cosmetic repairs of classrooms, workshops, a sports hall, an assembly hall, a hostel and other college premisesannuallyHead of college, supply manager
elevenComputer hardware updateannuallyCollege head
12Acquisition of training rooms of NVP, physics, chemistry2017-2021ggCollege head
thirteenOverhaul of the power supply system of college training workshops2018-2020Head of college, supply manager
14Overhaul of the heating system in the basement, academic building and training workshops of the college2018-2019Head of college, supply manager, senior master
fifteenReplenishment of the library fund with educational and special literature in Kazakh and RussianconstantlyCollege Leader, Librarian
sixteenInstallation of fire alarms in all college premises2017 yearCollege head
17Acquisition of sports equipment in the amount of 300,000 tengeannuallyHead of the college, physical education teachers
eighteenCreation and equipment of a training laboratory in the specialties “Maintenance, Repair and Maintenance of Road Transport”, “Welding”.2018 yearHead of the college, deputy Head of the UPR , senior master
nineteenCreation in UPM of educational and laboratory complexes by profession2017-2019Head of the college, deputy Head of the UPR , senior master
twentyModernization of the material base2017-2021Head of college, accountant, supply manager
1Work with basic enterprises and leading organizations of the region on the introduction of a dual training system, as well as on the organization of paid industrial practice with subsequent employment and the conclusion of tripartite agreementsconstantlyHead of the college, deputy Head of the UPR , senior master
2Providing retraining and advanced training of college teacherson scheduleDeputy Head of R&D , SD, methodologist
3Training of teachers of special disciplines and masters n / a on the basis of industrial enterprises in the amount of 4-6 peopleannuallyHead of the college, deputy Head of the UPR
1Conducting a control survey (testing) of students in academic disciplines of all blocks of the curriculum of training in the field of self-assessment of the collegeduring a yearDeputy Head of R&D , UR, OIA, methodologist
2Monitoring the quality of students’ training at different levels of education, including the exam of independent quality assessment and qualification assignment and the State final certification of graduatesconstantlyDeputy Head of R&D , UR, OIA, methodologist
3Implementation of control over the state of academic subjects teaching and performing mandatory minimum content of general education, the study of the effectiveness of teaching, improving control and accounting knowledgeconstantlyDeputy Head of R&D , SD, Heads of CMK
4Conducting processing, systematization and analysis of the data on the materials of the college’s self-assessment, determining their compliance with educational goalsduring a yearDeputy Head of R&D , UR, OIA, methodologist, psychologist
5Conducting monitoring of the incidence of diseases and monitoring the health of studentsconstantlyDeputy HR manager, medical worker