Youth Council Regulation

                                                                 Director A.Akhmetshaikhov

General Provisions
The Youth Council of the Pavlodar College of Technical Services is a structural unit of the college in the field of implementation of state youth policy.
The Youth Council was created in accordance with the Order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Concept of State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan” dated August 28, 1999. No. 73 and the Regulation “On the Republican Council for Students and Students Youth” of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 1, 2000 No. 10.
The subject of activity and the main goal of the Youth Council is to create conditions for the comprehensive development and activation of students in various fields of public life, to represent, realize and protect their economic, social and cultural rights and freedoms, including the development of students’ activity in managing public affairs, and the satisfaction of their professional and amateur interests, the development of scientific and artistic potential, the promotion of the development of student immunity against harmful ivychek, learning the basics of legal knowledge, business skills development in students. The priority is the moral and spiritual development of young people, the formation of such qualities as patriotism, professionalism, responsibility, youth development of the sociocultural experience of past generations, and the achievements of world civilization among the young generation of Kazakhstanis.
The Youth Council in its activities is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law on Education, the Concept of State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decisions of higher authorities and authorities, and the college administration.
The Youth Council is responsible to the administration for the state of the sphere of activity assigned to it and the effectiveness of the committee.
The Youth Council carries out its practical activities under the leadership of the administration, and conducts daily work under the supervision of the deputy director for educational work.
Goals and objectives of the Youth Council
He carries out work on the worldwide implementation of youth policy in college.
Ensures compliance with the rights and freedoms set forth in the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Concept of state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
It promotes the formation of civic self-awareness among students, a common culture, and a healthy lifestyle.
Carries out work on the prevention of unlawful actions by college students.
It supports and develops collective and individual entrepreneurial activity of youth.
Promotes the development of youth self-government, the organization of meaningful leisure for youth.
Organizes work on the implementation of decisions of higher authorities, the college administration.
Carries out the selection of personnel and assets for the departments of the committee.
The Youth Council has the right:
To listen at their meetings to representatives of public associations of the college, student council, student activism.
Represent youth on the College Council, admissions committees, support interests and assist in solving youth problems.
In the prescribed manner to participate in the work of meetings, meetings on youth college, to communicate with the committees of other colleges.
To petition the administration for material and moral incentives for young people or for taking disciplinary measures.
Submit proposals to the College Board.
Youth Council Governing Body
The executive body is the Youth Council, chaired by the chairman.
Chairman of the College Youth Council:

directs the activities of the Youth Council;
coordinates the work to support and protect the social, economic, legal and cultural interests of college students.
4.2. The Youth Council consists of:

      – Chairman of the Youth Council;

      – Council members from among the college departments.